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"At the end of a first date, I am always very nervous and awkward.

I don't want to push my luck, especially if things are going well, and I'd rather not make her feel like she's in a compromising position. If she's goes in for a kiss, then that's my green light that the night was a success.""It's laughable, but I've never been very good with making the move on dates.

SMS has become the handiest tools that men can use to attract chicks.

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And he’s coming squarely back into the public gaze again this year, with After a cat-and-mouse week of postponed appointments, I was about to give up hope of ever seeing Mr. Suddenly, he playfully texted me, “where the f— are you?

He pops up in the diaries of Andy Warhol, the journals of J. Although a decade can pass between the release of his movies, when they arrive on the scene they are cultural events.

The 2016 Academy Awards had come and gone, and Warren Beatty was hard at work editing , which he also wrote and starred in.

”I raced down to the lobby of the Montage hotel in Beverly Hills, and there he was outside, sitting in his car, parked on the street in front of the hotel.

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