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Super Columbine Massacre was released for free online and attracted little attention until 2006, when widespread media coverage fueled hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Zdravím, posiluju už nějakou chvíli, ale furt mam problém s vybudování pořádných kulatých zad.

Perhaps the biggest story heading into the 2017 Mens NCAA Basketball tournament is the seeding of the Wichita State Shockers.

With a 30-4 record the Shockers are viewed by unbiased oddsmakers as a top-10 team in all of college basketball.

Wichita State will use their low seeding as motivation to show the nation that they are one of college basketball’s best teams.

While the Dayton Flyers will look at the odds and use them as motivation; The Dayton Flyers earned a 7 seed after putting up a 24-7 overall record this season and winning the Atlantic 10 conference championship.

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Jedinej cvik kterej na ně trochu cejtim je přitahování spodní kladky v sedě.

But shockingly (pun intended) the NCAA Tournament committee jobbed Wichita State with a 10 seed.

Wichita State finds themselves in a familiar position to last year’s tournament, where they were an 11 seed and ended up beating the 6 seed, Arizona by a final score of 65-55.

Super Columbine Massacre was created with ASCII's game development program RPG Maker 2000 and took approximately six months to complete.

Ledonne initially published the game anonymously, releasing an artist's statement about the work after his identity was revealed.

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