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This document describes SPARQL 1.1 Update, an update language for RDF graphs.

It uses a syntax derived from the SPARQL Query Language for RDF.

Rails does away with this complexity by providing view helpers for generating form markup.

However, since these helpers have different use cases, developers need to know the differences between the helper methods before putting them to use.

It was originally created as an offshoot of the Semantic Media Wiki extension, or with neither extension installed.

Field value magic tags can be used in HTML fields to show the value of an input field, which will live update.

When using a calculation field in manual mode, field value magic tags are used along with Java Script arithmetic operators to form the calculation.

These other sources include the current page URL, the current user and the current post.

There are a wide variety of magic tags that are available by default, and many add-ons add magic tags. Magic tags can be used as the default value of a form field or the value of a hidden field. Here is a short summary: Every field in the current form has a magic tag formed with the field’s slug with a percentage sign before and after.

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