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Finally, the poster will address how well-planned digitization efforts can support the accessibility and use of the content, which in this case include the presentation of the scrapbooks in the Barnard Archives Islandora repository, and their ingest into the NEH-supported Seven Siblings College Women portal.

I’d be nervous enough about choosing the right outfit and making sure the person sitting across from me isn’t a murderer, let alone also having to wonder if they’re going to say that the best thing about me is my “quirky sense of style” in a national newspaper. Alyssa, who seems utterly lovely and completely normal, did it with The Undateables in Time Out New York. It was so colossally un-fine that Twitter has been laughing about it for the past 24 hours, and I am writing about it because it’s the only way I can process the horror that is the man she was paired up with. Apparently, Billy is single because “He has a busy schedule, and it takes more than just a beautiful woman to turn his head.” I wondered if perhaps Billy’s neck and spine are made out of reinforced adamantium and there aren’t many women out there with the arm strength to help him twist his neck to look out of the window occasionally, but no, that’s not the case.

Nineteenth century scrapbooks vary about as widely as 20th century ones, though perhaps they contain more advertising items, given the prevalence, novelty, and popularity of trade cards at the time.

Printed items that 19th century scrapbook creators tended to paste into albums included many of the following, which are found in the scrapbooks in this project: Advertising trade cards: Small brightly colored cards to promote stores or products, they were deliberately made interesting, funny, or attractive to encourage people to keep them.

James Murray (well known and respected referee of the era) referred to him as an up and coming "first flight referee." Huiswoud refereed the 1925 basketball game between the original New York Celtics, a white champion basketball team, and the Renaissance Five, an African-American champion basketball team, at which the Celtics were defeated 37-30.

In addition to his referee career, he managed the New York Blue Belts (an African-American female champion basketball team) and wrote a sports column (possibly for the Amsterdam News).

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