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You can track your feedback in the Developer Community portal. “Scanning new and updated MEF components" runs every time Visual Studio 2017 launches.

For suggestions, let us know through the User Voice site. This list provides the issues that received your highest votes and were fixed in this release. Visual Studio hangs when downloading the latest versions of TFS folders.

The following example creates a list of every resource in the file. The code demonstrates how to load the executable file, create a file in which to write resource information, and call the Enum Resource Types function to send each resource type found in the module to the application-defined callback function for information on callback functions of this type.

This callback function uses the Enum Resource Names function to pass the name of every resource within the specified type to another application-defined callback function, to Find Resource.

In this article, you will find information regarding the newest releases for Visual Studio 2017 (version 15.2). To learn more about Visual Studio 2017, see the System Requirements, Platform Targeting and Compatibility, Distributable Code, and License Terms pages. You can report a problem via the Report a Problem option in either the installer or the Visual Studio IDE itself.

You will find the option in the upper right hand corner.

I was so busy with doing other stuff, that I never got around to answering it; was gonna tell how I got it working.

That said, that's why I'm awarding you with the answer...

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"A restart is required" message continues to display after rebooting. Learn more about customer-reported issues addressed in version 15.2.Stuff”, P0004R1 “Removing Deprecated Iostreams Aliases”, LWG 2385 “function::assign allocator argument doesn’t make sense”, and various non-Standard features (the std::tr1 namespace, some TR1-only machinery, and the std::identity struct)./std:c 14 (which is the default) defines _MSVC_LANG to 201402 and says, “enable C 14 features as they become available, and enable the set of C 17 features that shipped in Update 2”.(This is intentionally different from Clang and GCC’s -std=c 14 mode.) 201402 (the exact value is subject to change) and says, “enable all features as they become available, including feature removals; I love conforming to the latest Working Paper and I am willing to accept arbitrary source breaking changes”.(C1XX will not update __cplusplus’s value until it has implemented all C 11 features.) Then the STL defines _HAS_CXX17 to 0 or 1, and this is used to control the behavior of our headers.We will support overriding this macro, but only in one direction.

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