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They'd also been hearing about the tiny house movement (Portland is pretty much ground zero, after all) and wondered if designing their own would help them accomplish two goals at once: free up time and money for travel pave the way for a new business."We'd noticed an increasing number of people interested in downsizing," says Michelle.

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Sunnydale wasn't exactly crawling with eligible men for Buffy Summers: half of the residents were dead, practically three-fifths of Buffy's classmates disappeared before graduation, the most decent man around was arguably the school librarian, and the only nearby bar was located on a Hellmouth.Here's a ranking of our favorite underbaked cookie's love interests—the good, the bad, and the Parker Abrams.The hit-her-and-quit-her of the Buffyverse, Parker Abrams is universally despised.The tested episodes always open with a quick montage of a newspaper personals section ad under "Red Shoes" seeking women to mail in their personal diaries with stories of love, passion and/or betrayal.The presenter and host Jake Winters (David Duchovny) is then shown walking on desolate train tracks with his dog Stella.

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