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of Adam & Hedwig Moskal Groom: Adalbert Aniol, 40 years, s.of Franciszek & Helena Wozniak Date: 20 March 1845, Otfinow Bride: Marianna Kaganek, 20 years, d.

I can now see on a map where my ancestors where born and then came to Canada in early 1900's and settled in the Arbury/Cupar area of Saskatchewan. Family names for search information: Anna Rozalia PEK Born 1882 Istensegits ...parents Gergley PEK and Borbala LASZLO Daniel LASZLO born 1881 Bukovinina maybe Istensegits? (my grandfather) He married Anna Pek widow of Andras Lovasz born 1879 Istensegits. Die Adresse war [email protected] ist jemand dabei der helfen kann, ich wrde mich sehr freuen. A wonderful site, unfortunately I've discovered it only today. Some of them emigrated to US and some went back to Poland.

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