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But while the professional success was unprecedented, it also sparked some serious interest in Henson’s life away form the cameras – particularly when it came to her dating life.

That interest reached some seriously high levels last week when Henson was spotted with football player Kelvin Hayden in Miami.

And I feel like when you get in a relationship, you can cancel each other out.

And it has nothing to do with her success versus mine…she’s a Virgo, she’s loud, she’s aggressive. If Tyrese and I crossed that line the love wouldn’t be there.

She told Steve Harvey: Henson has never been married, but had to deal with relationship tragedy when her son’s father was murdered when Marcel was just three years old.

actor did muse that a relationship with the 45-year-old actress, who he is still good friends with, would be "interesting." "I mean, I do love her, and I do know her," he explained.

And it has nothing to do with her success versus mine...she's a Virgo, she's loud, she's aggressive.

But, it's a new year so could the two finally be ready to take that next step into a full blown relationship?Henson decided to break up with William after he hit her. After starring alongside Tyrese Gibson in Baby Boy, many believed that Taraji and Tyrese were dating.The actors denied the rumors regarding a romantic relationship.Hayden, a 32-year-old Chicago native, previously played for both the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts, but is currently a free agent. I know you just cannot have two narcissists together.However, while the two were close in the photos, Henson was quick to deny the relationship.

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